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THOR – Anti-stress oil

produkt thorForty per cent of all dogs suffer from fear of fi reworks, loud bangs and screeching sounds. If your dog is one of them, you know exactly how hard it can be, both for your dog and for you. It is hard to watch powerlessly, and every dog owner faces the diffi cult choice: Should the dog be medicated and be severely affected by dulling and anxiety-reducing medicine – or should it tremble with fear, tortured by loud bangs, screeching noises and intense fl ashes of lightning?

This is not a fair choice, neither for you nor for your dog. This is why Uniq Nordic Gold have developed Thor Anti-stress Oil, so that you can help your dog through difficult times without causing it any harm. Thor Anti-stress Oil has a high content of organic herbs such as camomile, hops, lemon balm and valerian, carefully chosen for their soothing and benefi cial properties. In this way, you can help your dog through anxiety and stress completely without any use of chemicals, medicine and artifi cial additives. Studies have shown that seven out of ten dogs get through New Year’s Eve more comfortably with Thor Anti-stress Oil. The oil can be used in any situation where

your dog easily gets stressed, nervous or agitated, for instance due to loud bangs from fi reworks and thunder, being home alone, and fear of driving in a car.


Danish cold-pressed,


rapeseed oil

Danish sand eel / sprat oil

Organic herbs:




Lemon balm


1 ml per kg body weight per day

(Dosage must be adapted to the

dog’s or the cat’s actual weight.)

To be administered 1-2 days

prior to stressful periods and

exposures that may cause nervousness

and until it is no longer